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How is educational technology being spread throughout the world?
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Mar 26, 2011

Educational technology is will be shared at a conference in Amsterdam April 11-13 presented by Blackboard Inc. This conference is taking place at the University of Leeds. Many countries are coming together to discuss education news and discover the education benefits that are proving to be successful in their situations. Education news is full of information on education in Africa, women education, vocational education and family education. This conference is an attempt to draw together the best practices for teaching and learning with Blackboard Inc technology. There will be 50 sessions on how to utilize educational technology to solve the challenges in education. Vocational education is particularly challenging to educators attempting to develop technology that will provide the hands on experience needed for students to acquire vocational skills.


Blackboard Inc pioneered global leadership in educational technology solutions. This software provides improved student experiences in all aspects of education and is well recognized. Education in Africa has benefited great1y from technology programs. The advantage is that these programs can be used in both urban and rural areas. Blackboard Inc is available to anyone with a computer, and has proven a leader in women education and in family education. Students with laptop computers take them home. As a result, family education is proliferating in many countries with very limited resources.


The object of this conference is to bring together educators from all different spectrum’s and countries to discuss the best way to disseminate and distribute the educational technology that this software company has developed. Blackboard Inc has solutions to improve education from kindergarten to higher education. They extend all kinds of teaching and learning online. They facilitate commerce and security. Their objective is to communicate effectively with the educational community to bring the best educational technology to the global market.


Educators face the dilemma of how to assure the best education benefits to their populations at a time when resources are increasingly scarce. Women education and education in Africa are particularly impacted by the limited resources. Education news is full of the difficulties for family education. Computer programs allow education benefits to spread. With wide distribution of computers and software programs, many can take advantage of computer generated educational technology. For information on this conference, google teaching and learning news.



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